Mazzy Gone

We are as enthusiastic today as we were when we first started making websites back in 1998. Back then it was simple, just look at some of the old sites and you see what I mean. I remember people posted just a static picture of the last pamphlet they had printed.
Now we need sites to be able to cross platforms and be responsive. Websites designed now gather leads or sales. Just telling about your company on a small site is simply a way to ward off potential clients.


Free Support

MazzyGone is the only company that offers free support even to non clients. We believe in empowering people and never let money stand in the way of service.
Not all tasks are beyond the scope of phone support we offer for free. and we know that but sometimes all you need is a hand or a slight nudge in the right direction.

If that's the case email us at

Our Team

We believe in creating the finest websites we can make, so we hire only the best developers for projects that require the talent that might not exist in the surrounding areas in Wilson NC.

That Said - We are always open to a new or espousing developer in our neighborhood.

We always try to use local developers because we believe that we need to start building a company that supports not just our clients but also our hometown and even our Country.

peter founder

Peter Cockram

Founder & CEO

I have been perusing my carrier for over 26 years. I have experience in the real world of IT. I know that tenacity, logic, and experience are the first ingredients of problem-solving. The strengths I put on the table is finding answers fast using training, common sense, and years getting things right. This is not bragging, but at the end of the day, this better be the end conclusion of your efforts.
Although I have years of knowledge I am constantly revitalizing my knowledge. In this field, you swim or sink, and so I know I still have years of learning ahead of me.
I am a leader in Information Technology and online businesses. I have over 26 years of successful accomplishments. I come from the field of managing support teams, and writing procedures. We follow standards from the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) that steer companies towards ISO/IEC 20000. I have worked my way up from tech support desk (1995) to IT coordinator. I have run web-based development teams since 2014. I love all the work and I believe in mentoring new talent.

Next Steps...

We would love to meet with you and help develop your ideal web presence or web-based storefront.