Picking the correct domain name is as important as it gets so let us help.

Pick a URL that makes sense.

One decision you'll have to live with for a long time is the domain name of your website, so make it good. You have some ideas, but keep in mind what will resonate most on the web? What will make the most sense.

A good URL can make or break you so read this before making a decision.

Barney makes a choice...

If Barney has a store that sells seashells in Tampa Florida a good URL could be tampaseashells.com because it describes three things right away.

  • Seashells
  • Tampa
  • Company

But say Barney named it barniclebarney.com and hoped it was catchy enough to have people remember it. It's memorable but he would be sacrificing a powerful URL that has important keywords in it for a catchy name.

MazzyGone.com is a name we plan to market or we would have purchased the-best-web-developer-in-the-world.com.

A catchy name is worth a thousand clicks...

There is something we must mention, catchy URLs are widely successful due to the marketing put behind the URL. Marketing a website can take many forms none of which are easy or cheap. SEO coupled with a professional marketing campaign is what made a giant like Amazon.com what it is, before they made it the biggest market in the world it was just a river.


URLs tell a story...

The URL you decide on will tell a story, it'll tell everyone that comes to it or types it into a browser where they are going in one of two ways.

  1. Descriptive URLs with Keywords
  2. Memorable phonetic names that are easy to say and remember.

You can have many URLs

Many sites have multiple URLs that all lead to the same site. www.coke.com goes to coke-a-cola.com that goes to us.coca-cola.com and so on. Think in terms of marketing real estate on the internet.


Next Steps...

Now for a website...

Now you need a website. We suggest you let MazzyGone.com make one for you or at least help but for the brave hearts that want to make their own websites click on the button for your next move.