Our hosting can guarantee it performance and uptime of 99%.


You need hosting you can trust

Some folks just need help getting a site up so they can work on it themselves. Very often we find clients that need only the simplest pack of instructions to follow through with the hosting of their own WordPress site. More than ever people are aware of the skills to run a WordPress site but lack the know how to load a WordPress site and so that's when The Hosting Plan is needed.

The Hosting Plan includes many aspects, because in its nature it is designed to offer help in one area and not in others. This plan is what many Nonprofits use to get up and running.

Servers with 99% uptime

  1. Your WordPress website uploaded to a GoDaddy server
  2. One account for FTP on GoDaddy File Server.
  3. One Admin account setup for you on the WordPress site.
  4. One POP Mail E-Mail setup for you
  5. One plugin included in first setup of site. ($25 per additional plugin when added - a 50% discount)
  6. Google Analytics Submission Implemented
  7. Unlimited Email Accounts
  8. One hour of training included.

The Hosting Plan

This plan is our hosting plan. We manage and offer 24-hour support with 99% uptime servers. We carry a fully vetted and experienced team of support agents on call at all hours.

Please call Sales before making this purchase
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Save money and keep it in house.

We know there are all kinds of budding web developers and folks that can run their own websites out there. This plan is for you. This plan is great for lower budgets, so for less than $350 you can be up and running.

Please call Sales before making this purchase - Sale Link is Password Protected 704-550-4330

One hour of training is all you'll need.

We offer one hour of training with this plan. We know it doesn't sound like much but most folks just need to be shown around and then let loose.
Another great thing is we will install and activate one free WordPress plugin (we offer a list to choose from) This is a great way to start off and start making your WP Site your own.

Please call Sales before making this purchase - Sale Link is Password Protected 704-550-4330

Hosting Plan - Deposit

Click on the button to place your down payment for the Hosting Plan.
Important: Call the Office and talk to one of the great team members at MazzyGone to help you with getting your new website up to a great start.

Hosting Plan – Second Payment

This is the second payment you will make before your new site goes live.

Final Payment on Hosting Plan

This payment will be the last payment and will activate the process for the site to go live.

Next Steps...

You need to act now. This offer and in fact, all of the offers on MazzyGone are at specially low prices designed to build a wealth of clients. Simply put, we are a new company with years of experience and a real world knowledge that should be taken advantage of now.

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