Manufacturing  / National SEO - Marketplace - Presence

The Granite Bracket Shop

This is a National company that is working its way to the top of the Google search engine. This site is going into a very crowded field with a great amount of competition and it is rising through the ranks and will soon dominate a National market on Google. Visit Site

Corporate Accounting and Support / Help Desk Database - Presence - Logo

CEG - Denver

CEG or Communications Expense Group needed re-branding and a back end help desk database for the support team in Denver Colorado. We designed the Logo and Built the Support Desk Database so support teams could offer organized support to tech companies. Visit Site

Restaurant   / Menu - SEO - Presence

Italian Pizza and Subs - Wilson

Italian Pizza and Subs is a fantastic restaurant or pizzeria that had the business but not the website. We built a site that a customer could see from home, read a menu, and call in their order for a fast pickup. Visit Site

Entertainment    / E Commerce - Multilingual

Steaming IPTV  - Wilson NC is The Best Premium IPTV Service available and in Wilson NC you need to use this incredible service. With over 500 channels you can watch anything anytime.  Get 3 Day Trial Here

Tech   / Peter's Toolbox for Web Admins

IT Resource - Wilson NC

In the world of IT a page is one of the best ways to organize all the important processes that are used to do what it takes to make the best website in Wilson NC. This can be applied to any career or business. Let MazzyGone create a training resource for you. Visit Site

Support   /  Help Desk for CEG Support Agents

IT Support Desk - Denver CO

Mazzygone will build your company support desk tool. We are experts in the solidifying process and tasks. We use PHP  databases and serving them up with WordPress intelligent searches. Keeping an active database is important. Training continuity will decrease time spent on spooling up a new employee. Click for Site

Sales   /  New Product - SEO - Marketing

New Product SEO - Wilson NC

Mazzygone has over 20 years of bringing a new product to market online. Local businesses to national businesses have been successfully promoted. Click for Site