The silver plan is an affordable way to improve on your existing online presence.


A perfect plan for local businesses.

A service for companies that need help revamping web a presence in Wilson NC. 

New Website

  1. Upload a WordPress site of your choice on Godaddy Servers. Click Here to see all templates available. (extra fees for some templates might apply).
  2. Setup your own hosting account.
  3. Photo artwork compiled by client for site. (Use of copyrighted pictures are purchased at client's expense).
  4. Restaurant Menu – Price Lists that can be seen on phones
  5. Information gathered for site by developer and used for onsite SEO campaign.
  6. Purchase of URL for client made directly on our site.
  7. Business EMail (1 account)
  8. WP Template uploaded to server and modified to your likings and needs.
  9. Google My Business Account Made
  10. Bing Places for Business account made for maximum visibility.
  11. Search Engine Submission implemented to all major Search Engines. (Google, Bing, Yahoo,,

Hosting Silver Plan

  1. Your Website Uploaded to Server
  2. Analytics Submission Implemented
  3. Search Engine Submission
  4. Emergency Support 24/7

Call MazzyGone 704-550-4330 or email us and ask about what we can do for your company.

The Silver Plan

This plan is great for businesses that need a new presence on the internet in Wilson NC. This plan includes a new WordPress website and a presence on Google Maps including Bing Places for Business.

This plan is made for locals

If your business is a local business here in Wilson NC, then this is the plan for you. We will completely set up a new or replenish an old site that will allow you dominate a sector of business in Wilson NC. If "The Gold Plan" is for the world, "The Silver Plan" is for Wilson NC.

We love Wilson NC...

We believe in our Country. We believe in God. We believe in our community, Wilson NC. We see the growth that has come out of the great recession, Wilson NC is a beautiful place to live and a great place to start up a business. Let us join you in bringing back Wilson Downtown. If you have a business that is downtown then you need to call us right away - We want to be a major part of that growth - We want to be a part of the reemergence of Wilson Downtown.

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Silver Plan - Deposit

Click on the button to place your down payment for the Silver Plan.
Important: Call the Office and talk to one of the great team members at MazzyGone to help you with getting your new website up to a great start.

Silver Plan – Second Payment

This is the second payment you will make before your new site goes live.

Silver Plan - Final Payment

This payment will be the last payment and will activate the process for the site to go live.

Next Steps...

You need to act now. This offer and in fact, all of the offers on MazzyGone are at specially low prices designed to build a wealth of clients. Simply put, we are a new company with years of experience and a real world knowledge that should be taken advantage of now.

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